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The best pocket knife is relative because it depends on its intended use. There are several factors that one should consider when selecting a pocket knife, these include the following:

Blade – The blade of the knife should be sharp, made of strong material, easy to sharp, is corrosion-resistant and reacts well under stress.

Handle – The pocket knife handle should not be able to absorb moisture, should be grippy, resilient and tough. Materials that exhibit such properties thus ideal for pocket knife handles are Zytel, FRN and Titanium.

Design and ergonomics – Ergonomics and good design go hand-in-hand. The pocket knife should feel very comfortable in the hand. It should be easy to deploy as well as lock. Deployment mechanism options are automatically, flippers and thumb studs. Options for locking mechanism are compression or axis lock, frame lock or liner lock. These considerations have a significant impact on the knife’s performance.

Price – The aim should be to find a good quality knife that does not exceed your budget. This calls for extensive research and patience.

Blade thickness – The blade of a pocket knife should not be too thick to the point that it compromises the product’s cutting ability.

Other considerations include proprietary hardware, pocket clip positioning, and coated blades as well as handles.


The following are the best pocket knife brands that the market has to currently offer:




This knife company dates back over 3 decades and has a very rich history. It is from Oregon City, Oregon. From its inception they kept all work in-house and ensured that the exact standards they had set were constantly met. Inspection of the knives was never passed on to any third party. Benchmade have continued to break traditions ever since the early years by keeping their knife products from the same area and American made. The brand has worked with several best knife designers from around the globe such as Bill McHenry & Jason Williams, Greg Thompson, Seiichi Nakamura and Bob Lum.

The in-house knives from Benchmade are in 3 tiers:


  • Gold – This class is ideal for collectors as it has very beautiful craftsmanship. This class of knives is made from rare steels i.e. rare wood scales, titanium, M390 and Damascus steel.
  • Blue – This is also known as the recreational class. It is composed of high quality knives made from steels such as D2, 154CM and S30V.
  • Black – This class of knives are not readily available to the public as they are meant for law enforcement and the military. This class of Benchmade knives need special permits from the relevant authorities.




This knife company is also based in Tualatin, Oregon and was established in 1974 by Pete Kershaw. The brand specializes in very high-quality knives that are sold for relatively low prices. It has manufacturing plants in Japan, China and United States. Most of their pocket knives feature SpeedSafe i.e. a proprietary assisted-opening deployment. This guarantees smooth blade deployment with just one hand. The brand has a history of working together with custom designers and makers of knives such as Ernest Emerson, Rick Hinderer and Ken Onion. It has an array of knife styles that range from automatics to flippers. Zero Tolerance and Shun Knives are its sister brands.

Kershaw pocket knives can be used to open boxes, for fishing, for hunting, as a tactical knife or a sporting knife. The reputation of these knives is based on their durability and quality. Some popular models in the brand are Clash, Blur, Leek, Shallot and Cryo. Kershaw is also known for its consistency in delivering quality in every knife.




This is a popular knife brand from Golden, Colorado. It has been in the industry from the late 1970’s. In fact, Spyderco brand was the first to introduce to the industry features such as combo blades for folding knives and one-handed opening. These knives have an aggressive appearance and the trademark Spyderhole next to their folding knives’ spine. It is the best rand for individuals who wear gloves because its design facilitates easy blade deployment even with bulky gloves.

The brand has collectable knives, limited run knives and restricted knives that are pricier than average Spyderco knife. Spyderco brand aims at providing consumers with quality knives but at a reasonable price. It has models that have been on the market for as long as the rand itself i.e. Endura. Spyderco makes use of quality materials like S35V and 8Cr13MoV. Furthermore, the knife brand has an entire series of pocket knives that re customized from which consumers can select what is etched on the blade, the scales and steel used. The brand has worked with famous pocket knife designers such as Tim Wenger, Ernest Emerson, Bob Terzuola, Ken Onion, and Jens Anso.




It was founded in 1986 by Spencer Frazer. The company has production facilities in Japan and China. This is a renowned manufacturer of tactical knives and the pocket knives they produced constantly receive positive customer reviews. It is situated in Lynnwood, WA. It mainly produces folders and fix blade. Its market is mainly in the armed forces. The brand is known for the production of pocket knives that are characterized by an aggressive edge.

Most of the brand’s knives have expanded to incorporate multitools, fixed blade knives and folding knives. These knives are mostly used by military, Navy SEALs, US Special Forces and law enforcement. They are versatile i.e. can be used as combat knives, camping knives and hunting knives. The pocket knives as well as other tools produced by the company are useful for everyday tasks. The knife brand is famous globally for its sustainable production methods and materials as well as its top-notch customer service. The knives are also popular for their innovative designs and quality builds.



Knife brands are undoubtedly an excellent starting point for selecting knives. The physical outlook of certain knife brands can tell you a lot about the quality of the product. It is also important to note that not every knife within a brand is created equal hence the need for extensive research before making a purchase.