Browning Wihongi Signature Series Kukri Machete


Best Kukri for the money:"The Buyers Guide"


Warrior ancestor Maori symbols.
Stainless steel blade
Black / tan sculpted G-10 scales on handle
Rugged Kydex sheath with quick-release belt clip
Eyelet in handle accommodates a lanyard

Browning Wihongi Signature Series Kukri Machete price

If renowned martial arts expert Jeff Wihongi makes a knife for you, you'll get value. And the Browning Kukri Machete is worth every penny you pay.

So why should you pick this blade?

First, this knife impresses. Its detailed construction will make your guests' heads turn. This knife is a top-grade weapon similar to the ones used by the Maoris, and it has a tribal motif that does justice to their heritage.

If someone asked you what you look for in a knife, you'd tell him that you want one that cuts. You will love the Wihongi because it's sharp. The stainless steel blade will penetrate anything.

This knife also epitomizes quality. The stainless steel is resilient and will not rust. It also gives off a polish that will keep your friends talking for a long while.

By itself, the Wihongi's grip will make you gasp. In stylish black with beige sculpted handles, it's an impressive sight. This combination of colors tells everyone that this is a knife that means business.

What would you look for in a handle? A firm grip. The Wihongi has one, so you can rest assured that it will not slip through your fingers. Consequently, it will not cause any injury.

You'll want a knife with a secure hold. With its authentic blood grooves and notches, the Wihongi gives that to you. The slots allow you to grasp the knife securely so that it won't slip and accidentally cut you.

Furthermore, the grooves add to its design. The intricate craftsmanship is a sight to behold. It will become a standout piece on your bookcase.

You'll appreciate the stainless steel bolster included with the knife. Made of brass, it makes the Wihongi stand out when you display it. It will become a conversation piece that keeps guests at your home.

Attempting to get chores completed around the home is frustrating without the proper tools. The good news is that you won't have to search for the Wihongi. There's an eyelet on its handle which you can slip a lanyard through. Put the RUI around your neck and carry it with you around your home.Put the Wihongi into its Kydex Sheath if it's too heavy to wear around your neck. It has a loop for you to slip your belt through. It consists of excellent, lasting material.

Furthermore, you'll look imposing in front of your guests when you wear it on you. It makes a functional, yet attractive tool. It will start a conversation wherever you go.

Apart from a set of winsome features, the Wihongi has other draws.

The stylish design of this knife is eye-catching. Customers commented that the tribal motif is a standout feature that turns heads wherever they go. They won't use it to cut, but to display.

Also, the knife has a firm grip that's a must. Most of these customers mentioned that they could hold on to it securely because of its grooves.

Every product gives you something to mull over, and the Wihongi's no exception.

One possible disadvantage of this knife is that it's not portable. Though you carry it in its sheath, it's rather bulky. You probably won't want to take it outdoors for that reason.

You should also note that it's rather large. You may find storing it an issue.

In all, the Wihongi epitomizes tradition and functionality. Get this knife if you want one that's usable and attractive.