Condor Kukri Machete, 13in Blade


Best Kukri for the money:"The Buyers Guide"



Hardwood Handle.
100 % Leather sheath.
Carbon Steel Blade
Weight1.51 lbs

condor kukri machete

Do you want a knife that looks as good as it cuts? You'll need the Condor Kukri Machete. This stylish, yet functional blade is a valuable addition to any weapon arsenal.Of all the knives available to you, why should you choose this one?

First of all, Condor has made it out of genuine leather. It's completely authentic, so there's no question about its quality. The leather also shouts chic.

You'll adore the walnut handle for the same reason. When combined, these features will make it the standout item on your bookcase. It has an elegant gleam and will make an excellent conversation starter. The black blade will make your guests sit up and talk for hours on end at your party.

This authentic Nepalese Kukri knife, with a characteristically curved blade, comes to you straight from Nepal. You won't doubt the authenticity of this weapon, which is handmade in the fashion of the Kukri knives used by Nepalese Gurkhas. It is imposing, even more so when you take it out of its swivel sheath. Wear it in front of your guests, and you will look intimidating.

You will love the small size of this incredible weapon. Take it along with you on road or camping trips. The knife makes you gasp by itself, but combine it with the swivel sheath included with it. It will catch everyone's attention immediately.
This knife cuts through almost anything. Use it to take apart tough wood, plastic or rubber. It makes a fantastic handyman's tool. You'll need it to work around your shed. It makes a functional addition to any tool box.

When choosing a knife, it's important that you pick one that's sharp. The Condor Machete cuts as thoroughly as other Kukri knives. The 13-inch steel blade can penetrate the toughest of materials. Condor made this extraordinary blade out of carbon steel, so rest assured that it will last. It's rust proof, which guarantees its quality for many years.

Durability is essential when choosing any tool. The incredible Condor Kukri will not break easily. The stainless steel blade will not shatter when dropped. This knife's walnut wood handle will not come apart.

What makes this blade stand out is that the black epoxy finish layered on the handle. It makes the knife shine with class. The blade is not only functional but also stylish. It is an excellent display item.

The Condor Kukri Machete has winning draws apart from its attractive features.

The knife's grind is excellent, according to users. Knife enthusiasts compliment the refined look of the blade as well.

The knife's look mesmerized many users too. A few commented that the dark steel and the walnut handle blend perfectly.

The Condor Kukri Machete's raw power won many reviewers over. Many users felt that it could cut through anything.

Of course, you should think about the knife's qualities carefully before buying it.

A few users mentioned difficulties getting the knife into the sheath. Others mentioned that it was a little weighty.

In all, the Condor Kukri Machete is the knife for you if you want a good-looking blade with a great cut.