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What Is The Best Flipper Knife: How to Choose a top Flipper Knife?

Preview Knife Blade Lenght Weight Check Amazon
Kershaw3650 V II 8Cr13MoV, bead-blasted 7.1 in. 3.3 oz.
Kershaw 1660CBBW Black-oxide Blackwash finish 7 In. 3.1 oz.
Kershaw derco Dimension Stonewashed finish 7.1 in. 5 oz.
Spyderco ParaMilitary CPM-S30V 8.28 in. 4.8 oz.
Spyderco Dragonfly 2 VG-10 5.61 in. 1.3oz.
Spyderco Tenacious Black 6 in. 4.8 0z.
SOG Aegis AUS-8 steel 8.2 in 5 oz.
SOG Vulcan Tanto San Mai VG10 steel 8.4 in. 5 oz.
Benchmade - Nimravus 141, Tanto 154CM (58-61 HRC) steel 9.45 in. 6.2 oz.
Benchmade - Mini Barrage CPM-S30V (58-60 HRC) 6.91 in. 3.76 oz.

Good pocket knives are not easy to find. Of course, you’ll have to select them carefully. So how would you pick out the sharpest pocket knife for you?

First of all, consider the material used to make the knife. Manufacturers make the best flipper knives from steel. There are different types of steel, so decide which suits your needs best. Steel knives don’t rust and are durable.

Then, the size of the blade matters. A knife that’s too big isn’t easy to carry about. Besides, one that’s too obvious may get you in trouble with the law. Companies like Benchmade fashion some of the smallest pocket knives available. Good pocket knives are tiny but still useful. Bulky ones are inconvenient to carry around.

Furthermore, the best flipper knife should come with a folder or an auto lock system. They prevent the knife from springing up and guarantee your safety.You will not accidentally cut yourself.

Also, decide whether you need a knife with a serrated edge. Serrated edges are sharper than straight ones, but you may not use them often. It’s all about your needs. If you need to cut through thick material, a serrated edge might suit you.

Moreover, the best flipper knives have ergonomic grips. They are comfortable enough to hold for extended sessions. The handle material should feel comfortable.

To add, make sure that your knife isn’t too thick. The best flipper knife shouldn’t make your pocket protrude. You won’t want to advertise that you have a knife, especially in urban areas.

Finally, think about how you want to carry the knife around. Good pocket knives come with clips. Some have attractive folders.

Kershaw Flipper Knives

Kershaw has wowed the world with its stunning range of pocket blades. Their efficiency and attractiveness have mesmerized people the world over.

A Kershaw flipper never disappoints. No one ever regrets buying Kershaw pocket knives because of their attractiveness and durability. If it’s quality and reliability you’re after, get yourself a Kershaw Spring Assisted Knife. We introduce you to some of the best Kershaw Blades on the market.

Kershaw Knives 3650 Volt II

best pocket knife

The first Kershaw flipper we’ll introduce to you is the 3650 Volt II.

This superb Kershaw pocket knife features Speedsafe technology. As the name implies, this blade opens quickly and safely. The SpeedSafe spring assisted opening gets the blade to pop up without cutting your fingers.

An added security feature of this fabulous knife is its Liner Lock. This locking system allows you to rein the blade in and prevents it from cutting your pockets.

Are you looking for a knife that won’t slip out of your pockets? Try this one. This knife’s reversible pocket clip turns 360 degrees. It will not leave your pocket, no matter how it turns.

At just over three inches and weighing barely 3 ounces, this knife is small and light. You can carry it anywhere. Use it to complete tasks around the home or on camping trips.

The most prominent of this knife’s features is its quality. Kershaw has made of steel with a head blasted finish. Rest assured that this blade will last.


Kershaw 1660 CBBW


best flipper knife

The next of the Kershaw Automatic Knives that you’ll want to know about is the Kershaw 1660 CBBW. This Kershaw flipper ranks among its best products.

At barely seven inches, this knife will find a spot in your pocket easily. Use this Kershaw Spring Assisted Knife for tasks around the home or to get rid of thick brambles in your way.

You won’t have to worry about this blade’s quality because Kershaw made it out of Sandwich Backwash. The stainless steel handle will not rust. Plus, it has a stylish Backwash finish.

Many customers feel that this is the best Kershaw edc for them.

One of them enjoyed this knife’s Tip Lock function. It worked flawlessly for him and allowed him to open it singlehandedly.

Others report that the Kershaw is so sharp that it cuts paper with a small push. He also enjoys the eye-catching backwash finish. It satisfied their most essential criteria for choosing a knife – lightness.

The only concern that people had about it is that the screw sliding lock got stuck at times.


Kershaw Dimension Folding Knife CR13MOV

best flipper knife for the money

The Kershaw Dimension Folding Knife is one of the most beautiful Kershaw blades.

This efficient Kershaw flipper unfolds with a click. Get this astounding blade open with just one hand.

You’ll enjoy its stonewashed finish.This sharp knife speaks clearly. It wants the world to know that it looks good and can slice through anything.

Kershaw knives are safe to carry. A frame lock with a lock bar prevents the knife from popping up and accidentally cutting you. Furthermore, the Speedsafe system allows you to get the knife open quickly and safely. It enables you to release the lock with the push of a button.

If you’re worried about portability, there’s the Tri-Carry clip. The deep pocket clip allows you to carry it in three ways.

Reviewers of this blade were elated that the knife opened and closed automatically. Many loved its Speedsafe function. Of course, they gushed about how light it was. For them, this was the best Kershaw knife

Of course, every product is an investment, and you should think about think one carefully. Customers highlighted that the alignment of the knife needed improvement.

In all, if you want portability, speed, and safety, this one of the top Kershaw pocket knives.


Spyderco Folding Knives

Spyderco specializes in making knives that stand out. The company is a leading manufacturer of pocket knives.

Spyderco flipper knives are functional, yet attention grabbing. You’ll never regret getting a Spyderco edc. Whether it’s cutting thick rubber wire or shuttling tree branches, Spyderco knives are more than up to the task.

Spyderco Paramilitary 2 G10

military flipper knife

The first Spyderco flipper knife we’d like to introduce to you is the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 G10 Plain Edge knife. This knife is probably the best Spyderco edc to date.

One feature you’ll appreciate is its G10 handle, which is wide at the pommel and narrow at the grip. The structure eases your hold on the knife. You’ll cut comfortably and safely.

The blade is flat from the edge to the spine, which is perfect for cutting through all types of material. Furthermore, this Spyderco Pocket Knife has a pivot pushing system that allows you to open and close the hot blade smoothly.

This fabulous Spyderco flipper knife has a nested compression lock that prevents the blade from popping up by accident. Keep it safe in your pocket. The knife has a two-position pocket clip and lanyard hole. You can carry it either way. At just 3 inches, it’s small and light.

Customers enjoy that it’s balanced. It’s comfortable to hold. Its grip, in their words, is sexy and sharp.

Note that you should exercise care when sharpening this knife. One customer who sharpened his did so recklessly. The blade fell off as a result.

In all, this is the knife to get if you want comfort, sharpness, and chic.


Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Plain Edge Knife

The Spyderco Dragonfly 2 is in a class of its own. This Spyderco flipper knife is sharp and chic.

Everything about this fantastic Spyderco tactical knife shouts quality. Spyderco made its handle from fiberglass reinforced nylon. It won’t detach from the blade.

Furthermore, this knife is safe. You can carry it around with you without worrying because it has a secure lock back system. It won’t pop up in your pocket.The spine cusp guides your thumb safely over the edge so that it won’t jab you. There are few chances of unwanted accidents.

Its blade is flat, which means that it can cut through anything. This knife’s drop point tip is sharp.

The ambidextrous thumb hole makes it easy to open. You can do so with either hand. This tool is resilient and is suitable for everyday use.

At just 5 inches when open, it’s small and portable. Take this Spyderco flipper with you anywhere.

Many people feel that it stands out above other Spyderco automatic knives and it’s easy to see why.

Users love that it’s super sharp. It also features solid ergonomics. It’s comfortable to hold and take anywhere.

Note that Spyderco could have made the blade a little sturdier. Others found it a bit dull.

Everything said this knife is both functional and beautiful. It doesn’t disappoint.


Spyderco Tenacious G10

what is the best folding pocket knife

The Spyderco Tenacious G 10, as its name suggests, is the toughest among the Spyderco automatic knives.

It cuts through anything. Its drop point tip is sharp, making it ideal for completing tasks in your yard. You can take it with you on your camping trips.

The combination black edge oozes style and comfort. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping.

Furthermore, this Spyderco pocket knife is small enough for you to take anywhere. At just under six inches, it fits snugly in your hand.

You’ll appreciate the functionality of this Spyderco flipper knife. The auto lock mechanism promises safety. The blade won’t spring up and cut you by accident.

Many customers enjoy its portability. They say that the clip works perfectly. One customer whose a network engineer carries it about with him to open cardboard boxes and complete other tasks.

Do remember to apply silicon lubricant on its joint so that it will open quickly.

All considered this ranks highly among Spyderco knives for style and quality.


Best SOG Knife Review

The original SOG knife was a tool used by secret Studies and Operations Group service personnel during the Vietnam war. Its name should tell you that it embraces convenience and quality. The best SOG knife is easy to carry around. The latest ones can flip and open automatically. They are also portable and extremely sharp.

SOG Aegis Assisted Folding Knife 


best quality pocket knife in the world

If you’re looking for a knife that folds up and out itself, look no further than the Aegis Assisted Folding Knife. The Aegis is the best SOG knife for use around the home. Known for manufacturing SOG survival knives, Aegis never disappoints. It certainly doesn’t with this blade.

This user-friendly blade withstands tough use. This stylish knife features top-end self-folding technology. It also locks, which ensures your safety. The steel blade will not slip unnecessarily.

The straight-edged blade makes it stand out among SOG automatic knives. Though it’s small at only 3.5 inches, it’s sharp.

SOG Assisted Technology allows a one hand blade opening. It opens at the touch of a button, so you won’t have to fumble around to flip this best SOG knife open. A piston lock ensures that it will not spring up unnecessarily, so it won’t cause unwanted cuts.

Furthermore, it’s chic, and black handle comprises glass-reinforced nylon. The checkered Digi Grip offers added anti-slip security.

Aegis is so confident that this SOG survival knife works that it’s willing to take the risk of buying it upon itself. It offers a lifetime warranty. If it doesn’t work, just return it for all your money back.

This knife has strengths that make it the best SOG folder for many customers.

It’s razor sharp, so you can cut through anything. Customers also loved the assisted function. They didn’t have to open and close the knife themselves. The knife’s stylish finish pleased them as well.

Of course, you must think carefully about every purchase you make.

It doesn’t move from side to side. This otherwise functional knife is also rather difficult to fold.

Although you must learn to fold it, it’s still one of the best SOG knives for indoor and outdoor use.


SOG Specialty Knives VL-03 Vulcan Tanto Folding Knifebest small pocket knife for the money

Are you searching for user-friendly SOG survival knives? The Vulcan Tanto is the ideal SOG. This original SOG knife folds itself. It cuts through anything and is handy for most tasks. Use this blade both indoors and outdoors.

What makes this knife stand out is the arc lock mechanism. This tool secures itself, providing durability and stability. The ambidextrous thumb studs make it easy to flip open.

One of the fun features of this knife is its design. This San Mai steel blade has a tanto shape with a Satin finish. It’s ideal for cutting the tough branches that you’ll find cluttering your yard.

SOG Specialty Knives can proudly announce that this is the best SOG folding knife it has created. Why? It has an arc lock mechanism that makes the knife flip fast and safely. It also prevents the spring from spoiling, which guarantees its durability.

What do you look for in the best SOG knife for you? Sharpness. This SOG Assisted Knife has a straight edge. Like all SOG automatic knives, it locks itself. Open it with just one click.

The Vulcan Tanto has pleased many customers, and this is no surprise.

They admire how SOG Speciality Knives has layered the Mai Steel. The sharp SOG point not only cuts well but also catches the eye.

Another says that it’s the best of the SOG automatic knives he has owned. He finds it sturdy, tough, and durable.

The quality of this original SOG knife grabbed them immediately. The stainless steel liners won’t rust. The GRN scales on the knife give it a good grip.

Also, customers say that the Arc Lock system makes it one of the best SOG survival knives to use. It allowed them to flip it open single-handedly. Customers see it as the best SOG folder because they can close it via a flipper, thumb stud or Arc Lock.

Of course, every product has qualities to consider. This one is no different. Do note that the clip may soften after a while.

All said this original SOG knife is an all round, portable tool that works well.


 Best Benchmade Knife

Benchmade has turned pocket knife making into an art. Benchmade Spring Assisted Knives have filled the shelves of DIY storessince 1979.

Benchmade Tactical Knives are famous the world over for their unsurpassable quality. Read any Benchmade Knives review, and you’ll feel assured that they are reliable.

A Benchmade pocket knife is affordable and easy to use. It slips easily into your pocket and will not spring up unnecessarily. The Benchmade Survival knife makes an excellent outdoor tool because it can cut through tough material. Whether you need to cut through thick branches or set up tents, you’ll need to use one.

 Benchmade Nimravus

folding pocket knife reviews

When it comes to selecting good pocket knives, consumers are discerning. And the Benchmade Nimravus doesn’t disappoint. With its many functions, this impressive blade has earned its place as one of the best pocket knives to date. Look no more for the best flipper knife because this Benchmade pocket knife makes the grade.

With its 11.4 cm Drop-Point style blade, it’s probably the sharpest pocket knife you can find. It can cut through the toughest objects. Use it to slice through stubborn rubber tubes. At just over 6 oz, it’s incredibly light. It won’t weigh down your pockets.

Also, you’ll find it hard to doubt it’s resilience because Benchmade made it out of top grade American steel. Benchmade is outstanding among pocket knife brands. Everyone knows that a Benchmade folding knife is corrosion resistant and sharp.

The handle of this Benchmade survival knife also shouts durability. The company created it from aluminum, which is lighter than most metals. It’s so light that you can clip it to your pocket.

You’ll also enjoy the fixed blade with sheath bonus. What this means is that the knife is open but protected. A sheath protects the edge, so you’ll never cut yourself as you carry it around. Complete your tasks without knowing that it’s there.

The Benchmade Nimravus ranks among the best flipper knives for many reasons.

A soldier who is also an outdoor expert confirms its quality. He explains how tough its aluminum scales are. He also encourages people to buy two because someone will borrow and forget to return it. It’s on his list of cool pocket knives.

One customer says that it’s the best among the small pocket knives he has owned. It’s tiny enough to fit in his hand.

Think carefully before investing in a knife. The handle on this knife is a bit chunky.

In all, put this on your ‘good pocket knives’ list. It’s small, yet functional. This knife’s a little bulky, so use it if you don’t mind carrying a little weight around.


Benchmade Mini Barrage

folding pocket knife reviews

Benchmade has outdone itself by making one of the tiniest, and undoubtedly best pocket knives available.

Perhaps you are looking for small pocket knives that won’t get in your way. This knife is the one to buy. Like other small pocket knives, it will slip into your pocket unobtrusively.

What most people worry about when buying a knife is rust. You won’t have to worry about that with this knife. Made of American steel, it’s non-corrosive and will last. Like all good pocket knives, it comprises this metal and has a superb edge.

Benchmade employs modern technology to manufacture the sharpest pocket knife in its arsenal. It uses advanced laser cutters and CNC machining to guarantee that you have absolute control when holding it.

Moreover, Benchmade has used durable materials when making this flipper knife. It has incredible balance and is glass reinforced. It withstands a range of temperatures. Benchmade can proudly say that it’s among the cool pocket knives that will last.

Another feature that you’ll appreciate is its unique double lock mechanism. It rotates on Omega-style springs, which create inertia within its locking bar. That prevents the spring mechanism from reacting randomly. The springs serve as a needed safety mechanism.

This knife has many positive qualities that make it the best flipper knife in your toolbox.

Many say that its Double Lock mechanism puts it above other pocket knife brands. They feel safe because the knife won’t open in their pockets. All of them say that it feels solid.

Of course, consider everything about a knife before buying it.

The knife handle only comes in gray, so make sure that it’s your favorite color. Note that you shouldn’t flip the knife randomly or too often to avoid spoiling the spring.

In all, if you want one of the best flipper knives on the market, don’t hesitate. Just grab this one.