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What Is  The Best Kukri?

The Kukri (sometimes referred to as khukuri) is a knife with an inwardly curved blade. While to some this may be just another odd-looking ancient knife, to others it is a valuable item in the home knife collection. Knife aficionados are familiar with these knives, but the general population isn’t. Perhaps this is part of the reason they’re considered so valuable and unique. Visually similar to a machete, Kukri knife is used as a tool and as a weapon in Nepal. It is an important part of this country’s tradition, but it has also become characteristic for quite a few armies, such the Nepalese and the Indian Army.

   Comparison Table

Length Weight Material Check Amazon
10 inch. Blade 5 inch. Handle. 2.5 lbs. High Grade Carbon Steel 5160
9 inch.Blade 5 inch.Handle 1 lbs. Blasted satin blade finish
10 inch. Blade 5 inch.Handle 1.98 lbs. Blade World War II Hihgly Polished
13 inch. Blade 1 lbs. Carbon Steel
9 inch. Blade 5 inch Handle 2 lbs. Stainless steel
17 1/4 inch overall 2 lbs. Titanium coated Stainless
Closed : 4.17-Inch Open : 17-Inch 1.25lbs. N/A
Overall: 18 inch Blade:13 inch 16oz Polypropylene handle
Overall:19.7 inch Blade:13.3 inch 1 6.6 lbs. Powder Coated Stainless Steel
Overall: 17 inches Blade 11-1/2 inches 1.7 lbs. Carbon-steel blade

If you’re into things like swords, machetes, knives, and blades you probably want to get your hands on a Kukri blade too. While it wasn’t that easy to find a high-quality Kukri for sale in the West before, things are quite different now. These knives can be bought and ordered online without any issues whatsoever. The question is, how to find a good quality Kukri knife for sale and where? Specialized online stores are probably the answer to where and there are quite a few of Nepal Kukri blades available on Amazon and similar e-commerce websites. Just make sure to do your research first, read some expert and user reviews, explore niche forums, cross-reference your information, consider your budget and then make up your mind.

Best Kukri Knife

This is a knife designed primarily for chopping. Although it has been used as a weapon by many armies across the world it has not become a part of the mainstream yet. Perhaps this is why some of you may have a hard time making up their mind about which knife to purchase and where, but like we’ve already elaborated in the beginning of the article, as long as you do proper research and consult experts, getting a good model that will serve its purpose (whether you just want it as a part of your collection or need to use it practically) should not be that big of a problem.

3 Top of the line Kukri That you can buy right now.


Genuine Leather Hand-forged Kukri

Are you looking for an outdoor knife that cuts as well as those used by professional Gurkha soldiers? You’ll want the Genuine Gurkha Hand Forged Khukuri. it promises to make the great outdoors live up to its name.

This one-of-a-kind fighting knife has striking features sought after by collectors and artisans. The creativity behind it is simply astounding.

They use real, hand-forged Kukuri blades that come from the supplier who services the Gurkhas, so rest assured that they are of top quality. You’re getting knives that last a lifetime.

These Incredible knives reflect Nepalese tradition. A Bishwakama, or Khukuri Maker, painstakingly crafts each blade using the finest traditional forging tools.

You’ll love the chic look of this knife. Manufacturers fashioned its grip out of hardy, yet beautiful rosewood. It’s only 15 inches and is highly portable. You will receive it in an authentic buffalo leather sheath.

This extraordinary fighting knife regains its sharpness with a snap. While other knives use a metal that stays blunt, this one uses state-of-the-art, water-tempered elements. It’s sharp, yet safe.

Besides these excellent features, this knife has a few striking advantages.

Users expressed delight that it could take them through their outdoor adventures. They also loved that it was the correct balance and weight.

The durability of this hardy tool is not easy to beat. Satisfied customers expressed that it holds its edge well. Others loved its lasting ruggedness.

The fashionable sheath pleases customers as well. One of them mentioned that the knife fits snugly in it. The knife, once placed in it, rests well. .Also, the knife filing tool, the Chak Mak, creates sparks and sharpens easily.

Of course, every tool gives you something to consider.

This Khukri knife may not have a comfortable grip. Some of them report that it’s uneven. Other clients commented that the steel too soft, and not durable. They find that the sheath, made of buffalo hide, is too hard, That said, it’s durable and sturdy.

In all, if you want a genuine, handcrafted knife that does its job well, the Genuine Gurkha Hand Forged Khukri is for you.


Original Hand Forged Kukri Blade directly from Official Supplier to the Nepalese Gurkhas
Sharp edge blade,Refine Buffalo leather sheath
10" Blade with 5" Rosewood handle,thickness about 9mm at Spine


Genuine Leather Head-forged Kukri price

Condor Tools And Knives Genuine Leather Khukri Knife

Do you want a knife that’s simple, yet sharp? The Condor Heavy Duty Cooking Knife is at your service.

The Condor’s sturdy blade is a comfortable ten inches. Though it’s small, it’s sharp. The steel cuts through most material. You can bring the condor on your outdoor trips, owing to its size.

You’ll adore its hardwood handle. In dark brown, it shouts chic. Hardwood is also durable, so you use this knife for many years to come. The grip is firm and even, so you’ll have no problem whittling wood or wire.

Another feature that you’ll love is its black leather sheath. The Condor fits inside it beautifully. The black color is stylish, yet makes a serious statement. You’ll know that it’s a cutter that does its job.

The 8mm 1075 carbon steel is durable. You’ll know that you’re buying a knife that lasts. The carbon finishing will not rust under any circumstances.

This knife pleases people who bought it, according to their reviews.

Many love its design and mention that it looks better than its pictures. The handle pins are shiny and robust. It gleams and leaves a lasting impression.

Others comment that it’s capable of carving that’s intricate and fine. It’s able to cut stable branches, which makes it the ideal outdoor companion. With this tool, you won’t have to use camp axes or tomahawks.

Customers found its durability remarkable. Those who used it for a while discovered that it holds its edge well, despite constant use. It doesn’t become blunt quickly.

Of course, every product will give customers things to think over, and the Condor’s no different. Do consider every detail before making a purchase.

Take note that you shouldn’t use it for extensive work, or the rivets may fall off. Others mention that its edge is hard to sharpen because it is completely flat. A few customers observed that it takes practice to use it with ease.

In all, if you want a small knife that packs a punch, try the Condor. It’s style and razor-sharp edge will lease you for a long time to come.


This knife is used by Alan Kay on Alone.
Blasted satin blade finish.
Full tang,9 inch blade and a 5 inch handle..


Condor Tools And Knives Genuine Leather Khukri Knife price

Genuine Gurkha Kukri Knife

Are you tired of the low-quality, everyday knives at the kitchenware department? You’ll need the Genuine Gurkha Kukri knife. It offers cutting power and stability.

The Genuine Gurkha Kukri Knife is the Nepalese Gurkha weapon of choice. At 10 nches, it’s small and portable. You can take it with you for your next camping trip.

At 10 inches, this ultra-sharp knife can cut through anything. Made of high-grade carbon steel, it’s highly durable. You’ll enjoy its gleaming, high-polished finish.

Furthermore, this knife screams style. You’ll love its cotton-covered, leather, buffalo tail. Pull it out of its sheath and it will catch the eye immediately. Of course, it will draw a few gasps.

This incredible knife is a breeze to sharpen because it’s made of carbon steel. That’s the same steel used to put railway tracks together. You can’t doubt how hardy it is.

As a bonus, it comes with two smaller knives, the Karda and Chakmak, which are top-quality and fashionable. As a knife collector, you’ll appreciate its water -tempered blade. Your fingerprints will not show on it at all.

Painstakingly hand-forged by the Kami Caste, the masters of Kukri making, this blade reflects tradition. The Biswakarmas only use conventional tools.

These winning features aside, this knife has other draws.

Users appreciated its unique craftsmanship and quality. They mentioned that it fit well in the sheath, and had no burrs. Many others felt that it was a good knife for self-defense. These customers also appreciated its balance.

Furthermore, the shipment was fast. Many clients reported that they got their knives ahead of the time expected.

Of course, all hand-crafted blades will give you something to consider. Some users mention that there’s a twist of the knife that you may want to note. This minor flaw may make the knife look a little lopsided.

Furthermore, you’ll have to protect it as best you can. Proper maintenance is necessary to prevent the metal from rusting.

In all, get this knife if you want a blade with a design that will turn heads.


Official Issued -Genuine Gurkha Kukri Knife - 11" Blade World War II .
Handforge by the Kami/ castes who are the inheritors of the kukri-making.
Made of carbon steel.


Genuine Gurkha Kukri Knife price

Best Kukri Machete Comparison


Condor, Kukri Machete

Walnut Handle

Browning Wihongi Signature

Kukri Machete

RUI Tactical Kukri Machete

If you’ve already done a bit of research and read about these knives, you may have come across different articles and website content in which Kukri knives are actually called machetes. This shouldn’t confuse you – people are referring to the exact same thing. What’s causing this confusion is the fact that some people are unaware of the subtle differences between knives and machetes and vice versa. Nepal knives are sometimes called machetes because of their design – the inwardly curved blade is similar to different types of machetes that can be found all over the world.

If you would like to buy a kukri machete then the following blades may interest you. The Condor Tool & Knive Kukri Machete, The Browning Wihongi Signature Series Kukri Machete and the RUI Tactical Kukri Machete each offer nice features for people who’ve always wanted to own their very own Kukri Machete.

These are sharp, durable and, with a little practice, easy to use. So if you are interested in these three items then here’s what you should know about them.


First of all, we have the Browning Winhongi Kukri Machete and this particular blade certainly looks impressive. Aside from its tribal design, it also has lush fit fasteners, authentic blood grooves and stainless steel bolsters.

Moreover, this blade is also easy to carry around, and unlike the other two, seems to have been designed as a weapon. So if you are a fan of bladed martial arts then the Browning Wihongi offers the best value among the three.

Next, we have the Rui Tactical Kukri Machete, which happens to be the longest of three kukri machetes. Measuring a total 17 and ¼ inches, this machete kukri is large, long and powerful. Additionally, it also has rubberized handles for easier handling as well as a couple accessories, a black nylon belt sheath and a black cord lanyard.

Finally we have the Condor Tool and Knives Kukri Machete. This item features a 13 inch steel blade and walnut handle. The blade is made from high carbon steel and the finish features epoxy black powder coating. Also, like the other two kukri machetes, this blade is also easy to carry, and use.


With regards to price the Rui Tactical Kukri Machete and the Condor Tool & Knive Kukri Machete are quite similar at the online stores which are sold.

In contrast, the Browning Wihongi is more expensive because unlike the other two, this kukri machete is more artistic thanks to its Maori tribal motif as well as a few extra features that more or less justify the added costs.

Now, whether you find these additional features actually useful is up to you, but if you want to make your decision based on price then the Browning Wihongi is the most expensive of the three.


The RUI Tactical Kukri Machete is a very simple, but very practical kukri machete. From its black rubberized handles to its black nylon belt sheath, this machete is the ideal option for people who always go for the practical option.

As for the Condor Tool & Knive Kukri Machete, it’s similar to the Rui Tactical, but heavier and very traditional in its design. Of the three kukri machetes, it’s also the most affordable and the shortest. So you should only buy this product if you want something more traditional otherwise, you should stick to the other two option.

Finally, we have the Browning Wihongi with its nice Maori tribal design. In terms of pure functionality, it’s not that different from the other two. However, it is certainly a great looking blade, and some of its accessories are certainly useful. So if you want your kukri machete to have a certain amount of style then the Browning Winhongi is your best option.


New Kukri Machete And Knives Reviews

Ontario Knife Co OKC Kukri Knife 


best survival kukri

Coming from one of the renowned cutlery manufacturers, the 1064206 Ontario Knife Co OKC Kukri Knife will improve convenience, reliability, and safety. It’s made from high-quality materials to withstand everyday use, rough handling falls, bangs, knocks, and much more.

It features a distinctive Kukri blade shape that has a black non-reflective finish for extra appeal. The 12-inch plain edge blade has an ultra sharp edge that will easily cut through different materials. It doesn’t lose its sharpness too easily and when it does, you can easily restore the sharp edge by sharpening it. When open, the handy knife measures 17 inches in length and about 4.17 inches when closed.

The full tang knife feels very firm and solid and won’t snap or bend even when cutting or chopping tough objects. It includes a robust sheath for protecting the knife from the elements, abrasion, falls, knocks, and much more.

Weighing approximately 18 ounces, the 1064206 Ontario Co OKC Kukri knife is relatively light and using or carrying it shouldn’t be an issue. The portability is further improved by the nylon sheath that includes a belt loop and a lanyard. It can easily be attached to a belt, backpack, travel saddle with minimal easy.

The stylish knife is famed for its firm grip thanks to the well-designed G-10 handle that boasts of finger grooves. It is ergonomically-designed for maximum comfort, improved safety, and better handling. The practical knife cleans easily thanks to the smooth blade and seamless construction whereas the high-quality craftsmanship assures you of longevity and reliability.

What people like about the knife

  • Good design, weight, and length
  • Ultra sharp blade
  • Strong construction and long-lasting
  • High-grade material and quality craftsmanship
  • Easy to use and take care off
  • Firm grip and comfortable

What they don’t like

  • The sheath isn’t super strong
  • It doesn’t fold
  • The blade isn’t straight

Ontario Knife Co OKC Kukri Knife price

Cold Steel Cutlery 97kmsz Kukri Machete 12’’ Black Polymer Handle W/Sheat

cheap kukri

Here are some of the important descriptions of the product;

• It is 18 inches long, the entire blade and sheath while the sheath is 13 inches long.

• The handle is made from polypropylene.

• The blade is 2.75 mm thick.


Product descriptions of the knife

Here are some of the important descriptions of the knife;

• It is the best weapon that is singe-edged that is very reliable when you need to chop or cut off.

• It is relatively cheap compared to all the other kukri knives, going for about $38.

• There are two sizes of the knife depending on your preference. The first has a blade that is 13 inches long. The second has a blade size of 17 inches. In addition to having a longer blade, the second type of machete has a blade that has a magnum model that is still new in the industry.

• The knives are tough and they can be used for the most difficult tasks you may want to perform with a machete. They can be used to prune twigs and branches and clearing bushes and weeds. The knives can also be used to clear camping sites and prepare wood for lighting a fire.

• The design of the machete allows for more weight to be at the blade. This ensures that you do not need to put a lot of effort while using the knives. Due to the weight of the blades, they are guaranteed to make the impact on the project you are working on easily.

• The blades are accompanied by a sheath that is sturdy and can withstand a lot of rough treatment before being ruined. This ensures that it is safe for you to carry the blade when traveling without being injured by the blade.

• The design and make of the handle also make it comfortable to grip when using. This ensures that you are comfortable even when working for long hours with the knife.

Cold Steel Cutler Kukri price

Schrade Schkm1 Kukri Machete

chopping knife survival

This is another kind of kukri machete.


• It is a 19.7in kukri machete with a 13.3in stainless steel blade.

• The knife is 2.25 pounds heavy, equipped with a sheath and safe to grip handle for outdoor survival camping and everyday carry.

• The blade is very durable and the blade is coated with a black powder.

• Due to the sheath that is made of polyester, the knife is easy to access.

• The package comes with a lanyard hole, a stone that is used for sharpening the knife and a ferro rod.

Customer reviews

The knife has a ranking of 4.4 stars due to the reviews of the customers who have bought the blade and used it. Here are some of the reviews of the product;

• It is relatively cheap. The knife costs half as much as other knives that are used to perform the same functions it performs.

• It is tough and sharp, ensuring that it can be used for a wide range of functions. Some of the functions it is used for include clearing bushes and even cutting firewood. The knife can be used as both a weapon and as a tool for use at home.

• The blade is thick which ensures that the blade is durable and it is not destroyed easily.

• The handle that is safe to grip is also made is a relatively small size. This ensures that almost anyone can comfortably grip the handle for a long period while working with the knife.

• The blade is easy to sharpen with the stone sharpener it comes with. However, the blade does not require frequent sharpening because it does not get blunt easily.

• The shape of the knife is also a great advantage of using the knife. The shape of the knife allows for even distribution of weight between the handle and the blade for more effective results.

Schrade Schkm1 Kukri Machete price

Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri

This particular product is made in Taiwan which is made in the same design as all the kukri knives. Here are some of the features and details of the product;

The blade of the knife is made of carbon steel.

It is 17 inches long but the precise length of the blade is 12 inches.

The handle is made of leather for ease of handling.

The sheath of the knife is made of leather.

It weighs 2 pounds.

Amazing advantages of the knife

The blade has 4.5 starts rating from all the customers that have reviewed the product. Here are some of the things the customers had to say about the knife;

The knife has a ’D shape’’ that allows you to hang the knife across your shoulders. The knife however can only be hung so that the blade points to your left only due to the shape. The ability to hang the knife on your shoulder is particularly fun especially when you are out camping because it gives as scout look.

The knife is pretty heavy and sharp. This makes it efficient for clearing bushes for a camping site, pruning off unwanted branches from trees and even clearing weeds. It does not require further sharpening after purchasing it. The knife as also been used to open coconuts without getting ruined due to its heavy weight and the sharp blade.

The handle is made of rubber which ensures comfort when swinging the knife. It also enhances the balance on the knife when you are using it by ensuring you have a firm grip on the knife.

The leather sheath is also very durable and useful. It is not easily destroyed and you are therefore safe when you are carrying the blade. This is because the chances of the blade tearing out of the sheath and hurting you are very low.

Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri price