Best Plate Carrier and Tactical Vests

Plate carriers and tactical vests

Plate carriers are used by the military and in law enforcement. Originally developed by the U.S. Army, the original plate carrier setups were used in combat, but they have since become available commercially.

Today, there are numerous manufacturers and hundreds of different military vests, tactical plate carrier vests and military bulletproof vests to choose from. Bulletproof armor is something you should own if you really want to take care of yourself and protect yourself. And while military vests and police plate carriers are a great and multi-functional product, if you are looking for plate carriers for sale, you’ve probably realized that it can be pretty difficult to pick the right one.

  • What are the best bulletproof vests?
  • What is the best plate carrier for the money?
  • What is the best chest rig plate?
  • Should you get a lightweight plate carrier or a more professional chest rig setup?
  • A heavy piece of bulletproof body armor or a soft armor carrier?

Modern body armor is sweeping the market and we are here to answer all of these burning questions.

Vest Highlight Our Rating Check Amazon
GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest Emergency drag handle
Crye Precision lightweight
UTG 547 Tactical Vest Heavy duty back loop system
Transformers TF3 Cobra style buckles Clip
Trinity Chest Protector Black 4 pod harness in front
YAKEDA Tactical CS Field Vest Comes with a carrying handle
Barska VX-200 Right Hand Tactical Vest Detachable right hand holster
Rothco Molle Modular Vest Full customization

Gloryfire Tactical Vest Elite Molle

Gloryfire is one of the leading brands on the market and you know you’re always in for a treat with their products. This is a typical law enforcement vest with a few twists here and there. It looks different than most similar vests and that’s a good thing – some innovation is always welcome. But that’s not to say this isn’t a functional product. It gets the job done incredibly well. So, what does the Gloryfire Tactical Vest Elite Molle feature?

For a start, the padded mesh interior lining is absolutely incredible and the cummerbund (with pockets) can be adjustable, as well as the sizing of the entire thing. This is a great product if you spend a lot of time outdoors and everything about it is highly customizable, from the anti-slip padded shoulder pads to modular attachments. All in all, this is one of the best, if not the best, tactical vest on the market. Most importantly, it doesn’t cost too much, so it is not a product that will burn a hole in your budget.

Crye Precision JPC Multicam Review


tactical vest

One of the best tactical vests with plates out there, a real bulletproof body armor suit and first in a line of our body armor reviews is the Crye Precision JPC Multicam. This is, in many ways, a signature JPC product. A no-nonsense body armor plate carrier, a real military plate carrier that does exactly what it is supposed to. It is a minimalist, lightweight and efficient product.

Above all, this is a pretty cheap plate carrier and one of those tactical plate carriers that will leave a dent in the market and forever be remembered by hundreds of JPC’s loyal customers. This is not a small plate carrier by any means, but it is highly functional and incredibly light. The design is great and completely minimalist, everything is very well put together and if you decide to purchase this full body bulletproof armor you’re in for an absolute treat. A marvelous, marvelous product.


Rothco Molle Modular Vest


Fully made of polyester, this Rotcho Molle Modular vest is built and meant to last. This is an extremely durable product, capable of withstanding all sorts of weather and climate with absolute ease. This is a product that has been designed for the toughest and roughest users. Whatever you do with it and wherever you go, it will not let you down. The Rothco Molle Modular Vest will be your faithful companion and never let you down.

This ranger green plate carrier is a brilliant soft body armor carrier and even though this may come as a surprise to some of you reading this – it is incredibly cheap. An amazing deal. One of the best products of this kind on the market and it costs so little that you won’t even realize you’ve bought it. Highly recommended for beginners and more advanced and professional individuals alike.


Best Body Armor

Military chest rigs are used by everyone these days. Body armor is not something reserved for law enforcement and the military anymore. All of us are free to buy whatever we like and we don’t need to explore military shops to find a good plate carrier with plates, a nice concealable plate carrier or a ballistic plate carrier. There are thousands of them online and many of them are military-grade products. Built to last and made of the best and most durable materials known to mankind.

You can get your own armor plate career that doesn’t differ from military plate carriers or bulletproof vests. Body armor is widely available and we should all be thankful for that, but there is one problem: How to pick the best product? There is simply too much conflicting information out there that one can easily get confused. This is why we’ve made sure to do all the heavy lifting for our readers and we have found and reviewed the best products money can buy.

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

plate carrier

As soon as you lay your eyes on the UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest you know you’re looking at an exceptionally well-designed product that has a ton of little features and serves different purposes. It has four adjustable rifle magazine pouches, great-designed closures, useful drain holes and more. Everything about this product is highly adjustable and can be modified to fit you, your needs and your body perfectly. The loop system is perhaps the strongest feature of this tactical vest since it is great for carrying additional tools and weapons and pretty much anything else you need.

Made of durable materials and with an integrated ventilation system that helps release heat and moisture, this is one of the best products within the category we have ever come across. And it may look expensive, but that is not the case at all. This is a very-budget friendly model, so even if you didn’t plan on investing a lot of money this can be a great opportunity to get exactly what you want for as little money as possible


Transformers TF3 type Tactical Vest armor SWAT

tactical vest

The name speaks for itself, this is a professional, incredibly well-designed tactical vest that matches a lot more expensive models, just like those SWAT teams use. It has so-called Cobra buckles and an adjustable velcro patch. But, this vest also features two rows and six columns Molle Strap on the chest alone. On the waist are three rows and four columns, which is definitely not something we see often these days and a great technological innovation.

The groundbreaking design and lots of little features and accessories is not everything this vest has to offer. It is built to last. Incredibly durable and made of high-quality materials, Transformers TF3 type Tactical Vest will not let you down no matter what. If you’re looking to buy the real thing and not a child’s toy, this is the vest you should get. It has absolutely everything it is supposed to and then some. But, that’s not the best part. The best part is the price. This is not nearly as expensive as it may seem to you, so make sure to get yours as soon as possible. Highly recommended by our team of experts.


Lightweight Body Armor

Body armor has been around for centuries. Ever since ancient times, some kind of body armor was used to protect military personnel. Nowadays, it is also used to protect police, bodyguards, security guards and, most importantly, private citizens. If you know anything about body armor you know that there are two types: plated and non-plated.

Now, you’re probably wondering what kind of armor you should get and that is a good question. There are different types and kinds of body armor. You could want a combat vest or a professional navy seal plate carrier, an ordinary plate carrier vest, a special forces gear plate, your own custom carrier setup, a low profile plate carrier, a military armor tactical bulletproof vest and so on. Special operations gear is, thankfully, available to the public today.

E-commerce websites like Amazon have thousands of different carrier accessories and sell all sorts of military body armor, so it is no wonder that some people get a bit overwhelmed and have no idea what it is that they should get. This is why websites like this one exist – we’re here to help you out. And we are here to help you find the best bulletproof vest or the best tactical vest money can buy. Let’s take a look at some.

Trinity Chest Protector Black Lightweight Body Armor Vest

tactical vest

This one-size-fits-all type of model has a brilliant lightweight design. It will protect you, but you’ll also feel incredibly light wearing it. You won’t have a hard time moving around or feel like the armor is weighing you down. Made by Trinity, which is one of the biggest names in the industry, this chest protector is great for paintball and will make sure you never feel an ounce of pain.

Apart from the beautiful design and the lightweight, this special Trinity product has a convenient 4 pod harness in the front and a great tank pouch on the back. The seems are heavy duty and nylon stitched, which promises durability and guarantees safety. Perhaps the best thing about this product is the price – it is very affordable, so even those of you who don’t have a lot to work with, money-wise, shouldn’t have any issues purchasing this wonderfully-designed product. Highly recommended.


Yakeda Tactical CS Field Vest Outdoor Vest

This outdoor military tactical vest is the perfect body armor for those looking for a special product that will withstand any and all weather conditions. Highly adjustable (size can be adjusted from small to extra large), this Yakeda body armor carrier features a pistol holster (for medium-sized pistols), three adjustable pistol mag pouches ammo, as well as three ammo pouches, a shooting pad and a large shell carrying pouch.

The shoulders of this army tactical vest can be adjusted and have 2 D-rings, great for attaching carabiners and similar equipment. On the back of the product is double-ply mesh. This allows you to add a hydration bladder, which, we all know, can be an incredibly useful thing when you’re outdoors. Additionally, a carrying handle is also provided, along with the strips across the back of the vest, which serve as camouflage. The interior is also great and it features two zip-up pockets.


Tactical Vests

Getting a good bulletproof tactical vest is every man’s dream. Some of the world’s best tactical gear can be found and purchased online. You don’t need to go to military shops anymore to find a cheap tactical vest – there are hundreds of them online. This is what’s so great about the internet, it has completely leveled the playing field and enabled every manufacturer to compete. You don’t have to purchase an expensive Condor tactical vest anymore, there are hundreds of manufacturers.

But, this doesn’t come without its downsides. There are so many military tactical vests to choose from, that a beginner can easily get lost in this sea of information. Besides, what exactly do you want? How much are you willing to pay for a tactical vest setup? Do you want Navy Seal tactical gear or something less professional, a simple lightweight tactical vest? Or maybe a tactical vest plate carrier? There’s no need to go through hours of research, we have done that for you and made sure to pick the two best products of this kind available today.

Barska Loaded Gear VX-200


The Barska Loaded Gear VX-200 is a truly versatile product. This is a highly customizable vest, a model that will fit you, no matter what size you’re used to wearing. Everything about the Barska Loaded Gear VX-200 is adjustable, including the shoulder pads, as well as the ladder buckles. Even the side straps can be adjusted.

But, what makes this a truly special tactical body armor carrier is the compartment system. Featuring Velcro closures, it is an incredibly convenient system that works flawlessly. The right-hand holster is detachable and on the inside are conveniently placed pockets, in which you can carry whatever you want. This is one of the best products of this kind money can buy and, above all, a budget-friendly model. What more could one ask for?