RUI Tactical Kukri Machete Review


Best Kukri for the money:"The Buyers Guide"

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Dimensions:19.3 x 5.3 x 2 inches
Weight: 2 lbs.
17 1/4" overall. 12" titanium coated stainless blade
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If you want a knife that impresses and slices, look no further than the RUI Tactical Knife. Theres no question that this blade looks as good as it cuts.

So why should you give the RUI Tactical Knife a second thought?

For a start, its portable and exudes chic as you carry it. This knife has a jawdropping flipper and spring lock function that lets you fold, then turn it into an intimidating weapon. Unlike other knives, its not fixed.

Youll also love that it includes a portable nylon sheath. The inventor of this material made it to last. You can slip your belt into the sheath's chic, yet functional loop. Imagine how impressive youll look with this striking tool against your hip.

When it comes to choosing a knife, you'll need one that you can hold. A secure grip guarantees comfort and security. You can grasp the handle of the RUI Tactical knife with ease because it has grooves that will accommodate your fingers. It will not slip from them, so you wont have to worry about unnecessary danger.

The black handle is stylish as well. The modern construction of this knife will astound you. Together, the black blade and handle scream chic.

You may have the habit of carrying your knife about with you because you want to ease the time you take to complete your chores. That reduces the hassle of searching for it. You'll need to make sure that you can hide it deep within your pockets.

The RUI Tactical Knife has a Deep Pocket Carry feature. It allows you to clip it to the inside of your pocket and hence, carry it around with you. You wont have to spend unnecessary time searching for it.

Youll probably find it alright if a knife is a few inches too big or small, but you wont want to compromise sharpness. After all, its what you look for in a blade. The RUI Tactical Knife offers that.

Made of Titanium Steel, it cuts through almost anything. That makes it the perfect knife for any chore. Use it to cut firewood for your outdoor camps. If you need to fashion wires for your home, this is the knife for you. It slices through rubber tubing in no time at all.

Like everyone else, you'll want to buy a product thats for keeps. The RUI Tactical Knife will last for many years. The Titanium Steel Blade is hardy and will not rust.

The RUI has other draws aside from its attractive features.

If you want a knife with a solid grip, this is the one you need. The RUI has finger grooves that grant you a firm hold. You wont have to worry that it will slip from your hand.

Do you have trouble opening boxes? You'll want the RUI. Two strategically located primary and secondary points will help you open boxes in no time.

Its a must that you should consider everything about a product. Do so for the RUI.

Its primary point isnt very sharp, and may not cut all the way through. That said, its second point will penetrate any material.

In all, the RUI is the knife you need if you want both style and functionality.