What Is The Best Tactical Pen?

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With the increase in crime rates and slow judicial processes to convict criminals, people are beginning to find ways of defending themselves from muggers. From taking karate classes, hitting the gym and even carrying small weapons for self-defense against people who might want to harass them. Among the small weapons carried by many people include pen-knives, lighters, walking sticks and tactical pens. In addition to using them or self-defense, these can be used as utility items for day to day activities that were unprecedented for like breaking glass.

A tactical pen can be compared to a slightly advanced model of the kubotan. A kubotan is an ancient weapon fitted in a keychain. It is a bit rounded on one side and sharp in the other end. The making of the tactical pens has been borrowed from the kubotan. They are pens made of metal that has been hardened and fitted with grooves to enhance friction to facilitate a firm grip. The end that is not used for writing is fitted with a sharp piece of metal that is meant to injure and cause a lot of pain. Tactical pens are convenient to carry around because they are small and cannot cause any suspicion. The tactical pens are also very easy to disguise. In addition to being weapons used for self-defense, they can be also used to write down notes just like any other conventional pens.

What is a tactical pen used for?

Tactical pens have a varied range of uses. Some of the uses of the tactical pens include the following;

The main function of a tactical pen is self-defense. This is because they are easily concealable, light to carry, and they easily pass through security without being noticed. They are also very efficient because there is no mastery of any skills required to use them.

The other main use of the tactical pen is for writing. Tactical pens just like many other pens are used to write down notes and other details that you may require to review later.

Tactical pens are used to break glass and collect DNA. With a gloved hand you can easily shatter glass with the sharp end of the pen. The blood left on the pen after stabbing or scratching people can be analyzed for DNA matches in the lab. The good advantage is the fact that some of the pens are also fitted with a tracking device to help catch criminals.

How to use a tactical pen

There are several ways of using the tactical pen. One of the ways it can be used is slashing where you swing the pen and strike with the pen facing downward for maximum damage. The pen can also be used for targeting the natural weak points of the human body and apply pressure to induce pain. It is important to note that the pens can also be used to stab. Aiming at the eyes and the Adam’s apple is the most effective because it causes a lot of pain.


The tactical pen is one of the greatest invention of man. In addition to writing and taking notes, this pen can be used as a weapon for self-defense. It is efficient because you do not require a license to carry and use it like other weapons. There is no doubt that the invention of these pens is one of the most innovative ideas that have emerged in the recent past.