United Cutlery M48 Kukri TPR Plain Knife Buyers Guide


Best Kukri for the money:"The Buyers Guide"


United Cutlery M48 Kukri TPR Plain Knife Buyers Guide

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Dimensions: 15.9 x 1 x 5 inches
Weight: 1.2 lbs.
stainless steel blade
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United Cutlery M48 Kukri TPR Plain Knife price

If you want a versatile knife, you've found what you're looking for in the United Cutlery M48 Kukri. This blade slices superbly and will impress you the minute you look at it.

This knife oozes style. You'll enjoy its one-of-a-kind, fashionable design. The stylish, black steel blade will grab attention at once and turn heads. Furthermore, you'll adore its sexy, curved appeal. This kukri is an immediate conversation starter.

The black sheath that this knife comes with is equally fashionable. It fits snugly on your belt and is a fashion statement. You will impress your friends when you carry it around. This holder is a dazzling, svelte housing.

United has made this classic sheath out of solid TPU material. That's what's used to make mobile phone cases. It also explains why they don't crack.

The M48 Kukri consists of authentic stainless steel. Rest easy knowing that this is a knife that lasts. The metal will not bend or rust. The knife has a glint that everyone will remember.

Perhaps what you'll appreciate about this knife is how sharp it is. It splits all material, except metal. You can use it for most tasks around the home. Because it's versatile, it works well in the kitchen and the yard. It's both a gardening and cooking assistant.

This quality knife cuts through almost anything. It slices through thick tree branches and is a must-have tool for your next camping trip. Use this functional utility knife to prepare meals or cut through thick rubber wire. Either way, it helps you to get things done.

An attractive feature of this Kukri is its size. At only 15 inches, it fits easily into your pocket. You won't have to search for a place to store it. It won't scare anyone when you carry it about because you can hide it easily.

The quality handle adds just about five inches to the 10.5-inch blade. Made of durable TPR, it will not detach from the steel. As such, there's no possibility of danger. The handle holds the sharp metal so that it will not slip off and cut you.

You'll appreciate that this knife has a firm grip. It won't move away even if you hold it with one hand. Your fingers will wrap firmly around the handle. Made of TPR, it's comfortable and not abrasive. It's cool; black color is imposing.

Of course, you should consider everything about a product before buying it. This one is no exception.

Some customers remarked that the United Cutlery Kukri wasn't as sharp as desired, but they solved the problem by using a stone. Others stated that it worked well once they sharpened it themselves.

Also remember to exercise care when wearing this knife in public places, as it is a weapon. Do make inquiries about regulations before doing so. Make sure that you always put the kukri in its sheath, and don't brandish it in front of people. You may get a few
worried looks. 

In all, if you want a knife that looks and is top notch, get the United Cutlery M48 Kukri.